Stay fit with ease – Sole Fitness SB700 Exercise Bike $799

Due to busy life and hectic daily schedules today, maximum people are not able to carry on with workouts or exercises regularly. But fitness is very much required today to keep you healthy and free from various health issues. One comfortable option you can try out in this case is the Sole Fitness SB700 Exercise Bike.


Use of the product

Cycling has been always considered to be one of the most efficient cardio exercises. But if you do not have the time to get set go on your bicycle every morning or evening, then you can get your bicycling experience at home with Sole Fitness SB700 Exercise Bike. Not only cycling, the product is also an efficient option for people who take regular classes or visit gym for spinning exercises. Altogether the product has combined two of the most important workouts so that you can have them very easily in your home at your comfort level.

Product Description of the Exercise Bike

The product comes with adjustable seat and handles, so that you can get yourself comfortable while cycling or spinning. For an even smoother ride, the exercise bike also comprises of chrome plated flywheel of 48 lb. To provide a great exercise session, the product also has features such as time, speed, distance displayed on the console. The exercise bike is compatible with wireless heart beat chest strap to check your heart rate while exercising. This will let you know about your heart condition and people with heart related issues can work out according to it to avoid any problematic situations.

Features and specifications of the Exercise Bike


Sole Fitness SB700 Exercise Bike has been designed keeping in mind almost all types of individuals and hence have the options to adjust the settings as per requirements. A number of features are provided with the exercise bike that makes it not only efficient in working out but also a comfortable tool for both homes and light commercial set ups. You can also opt for an indoor treadmill if you have huge budget to spend on fitness equipments.

  • A 4-inch LCD display provides details about the speed you are in, distance you have covered and also the time you have taken. It is compatible with wireless heart rate chest strap for regular heart rate tracking.
  • The seat and the handles can be adjusted up and down or fore and aft.
  • Pedals are provided with toe straps and the breaks are provided with pads.
  • Chrome plate flywheel of 48 pound is one of the main features.
  • Also it features water bottle holders.

Other products details

The product Sole Fitness SB700 Exercise Bike has assembled dimensions of 42 inches length, 21 inches width and 40 inches height. The exercise bike weighs at 140 pounds but is capable of carrying maximum weight till 300 pounds.

Warranty and other details

Sole Fitness SB700 Exercise Bike is mainly designed for residential purpose and also for a few light commercial set ups. Not only the product is comfortable for work outs but also is affordable at a price of $799.

In case of any problem in the product, servicing can be done in your home itself. The electronic parts of the product carry a warranty of 3 years, while the frame comes with a lifetime warranty from the company. Also extended warranty of the product is available that is sold separately.

Customer Review about the product

Till date there is no such highlighted customer complain faced by this product. As per some of the famous online stores, the product Sole Fitness SB700 Exercise Bike has been rated at 4 stars combining both features and customer review.

To conclude, the product Sole Fitness SB700 Exercise Bike can be said to be an excellent option to stay fit at home even when you have a very busy work schedule.

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Find 300Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program

Divine Light gives you the 300Hour Yoga Teacher Training program under the stable environment. Anyone who is interested in learning ancient Indian system of Yoga and the various way of gaining the true knowledge of it, can come and join our 300Hour Advanced program. Learning yoga has been always beneficial and one can implement it in daily life to keep oneself fit and healthy. Now a days everyone prefer to get the 300Hour Yoga Training Certification, in order to have a knowledge of yoga and how it will be beneficial in day to day life.

One can easily approach divine light to get the 300Hour Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver, and one can understand the yoga practices under one roof with many people who will be the part of our Training program sessions. Our teaching standards have simplified the yoga practices among our students who join us every year. Our students get inspired by our teaching methods which refine their living style. We have intensive 300Hour programs scheduled as the types of classes for teaching yoga. We encourage our students to follow a yogic lifestyle and also made them to practice the trans formative arts of yoga and meditation.

The specialty of our program Course is that we help our students to explore the various yogic techniques and observing their effects on them which will be beneficial for a lifetime. Our course will include sessions on learning to facilitate Transformational Experiences and group work in order to have a balanced life. We provide etching with full concentration and with a high degree of personal integrity which helps the student to realise their lifes purpose. We at, Divine light help you to lead a life with a divine purpose, that is the reason for being in this world.

At Divine Light our 300Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course helps all the students to follow yoga thus refining and strengthening the practice of asanas. Learning yoga practices has always been great experience for all our students, they have not only learnt it but yoga has made their life simple and easy which helped them to gain spirituality to some extent. Therefore, our training courses gives you the inner strength and healthy life and also we guide you to follow a concise path to make your life stable and balanced.

We, at Divine Light make our students energetic enough to practice yoga and try to bring in trust and confidence within themselves from our 300Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training who all are looking for a peaceful and good life. Our guidance is always beneficial for every one falling under different ages. Our 300Hour Yoga Teacher Training program will incorporate yoga as an essential component, approaching towards wellness.

Here, at Divine Light our trainer follow Advanced Meditation Techniques, Yoga Nidra, Practice of Karma Yoga, etc. In order to let the students acquire the true essence of yoga. As having an aspiring Yoga teacher or a dedicated yoga practitioner, who deepens your practice of yoga and provides you the knowledge, understanding and experiences of principles of yoga through our 300Hour Yoga Certification. Therefore, we let our students to understand yoga power firstly, and then help them to make it a habit to follow the regime of yoga practices in their daily life.

At, Divine Light you will find the right kind of environment along with the experienced teacher during our 300Hour Advanced Training, in order to develop the practice of yoga in your day to day life. All our students will be under the trained teachers which will make you trained enough so that you will get the deep understanding of yoga, and also you will be awakened to your higher self thus intended to follow a yogic lifestyle.

Our teaching practices are strong to let you use all the basic tools to learn yoga and help you tosearch and achieve the true happiness lying within yourself. We ake easy for our students to learn yoga along with various activities included in our 300Hour program. We, at Divine Light guarantee with our experience of thousands students that you will surely find the right guidance to follow you inner conscience and implement the learning of yoga in your daily routine. For more information please visit our website:

Divine light is a yoga work station fonded by Nakul Kapur offers 300Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training, 300Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification, Yoga Teacher Training Vancover.

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Yoga Techniques Today,What are the best Yoga Techniques?

There are so many different yoga techniques that can be used today. Yoga has been around for a long time, and many people use yoga for different benefits. Yoga is one of the best ways to keep healthy and stay strong. There are actually over a 100 different schools of yoga, but they do have


Yoga Techniques Today.

some of the most well known types. Hatha Yoga is actually one of the most common forms of yoga techniques today. This type of yoga is what most associate with yoga practice. Some other yoga techniques today are raja yoga, jnana yoga, bhakti yoga, karma yoga, tantra yoga, and kashmir shaivism. These are all very common and many people still practice these today. One thing that you must remember is that yoga techniques have transformed so much from what it used to be stereotyped as.

Yoga Techniques – Questions.

If you have any questions, you should definitely consider doing some of your own research, if you would like to get involved with yoga, or try out some new techniques. Once you have mastered some of the most basic techniques, you will then be able to move on to other techniques that require much ability and strength. They may be a little bit more challenging,but they are all worth it in the end, depending on the type of results you are trying to get out of them.

Yoga Techniques – Conclusion.

It is highly important to choose the right type of technique based on your endurance as well as your strength level. You can always take yoga classes or even find a yoga video that you can perform with. Those can be purchased online as well. You can read about them just to see if they meet up to your expectations before you even buy them. If you have any questions, then you can ask someone who knows yoga from front to back. There are many things that you can learn from yoga, and the techniques that come with it. It is always best to start off with the most basic techniques if you are someone who is new to yoga, then advance to the more complicated ones.

Click Here For Some Of The Best Yoga Techniques.

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Pike Road Ride

Last weekend, I went on an impromptu ride with some coworkers. It wasn’t anything super long, at the finish the total mileage reading on the Garmin was 26.85 miles. I had a little more mileage than the others due to a technical difficulty and having to trace back to see what happened, but we’ll get to that.

This was a last-minute plan on friday, got 3 other people to agree to ride, I had heard that the Pike Road area of Alabama was very bicycle friendly and I was curious to check it out. I used the Strava App and found some a segment on my phone, that seemed to be a nice easy ride where it wasn’t too difficult so I didn’t think we’d get lost. I also wanted to test out some of the capabilities of the Garmin. I went on Garmin Connect and was able to create a route that matched what I was seeing in Strava and taught myself how to use that feature. I saved it and hit the button to send it to the device. The next time I turned on my watch near my computer it synced up and had the course on the GPS. The course was roughly 24 miles, and everyone that was interested in the ride was happy with the distance. We planned it out and decided to meet around 10:00am at the prominent park in the area.

Morning of, I woke up early and loaded the bike and got all the gear into the jeep, with the full intentions of grabbing a few of the Honey Stinger Waffles to carry with me for a snack along the way. Unfortunately I forgot them as I rushed to get out the door and on my way. I should have stopped and just gotten some breakfast along the way or anything really, that poor decision wouldn’t affect me till later though, I was just happy to get out and go for a ride. I received a phone call as I was driving there, one person was running late. No big deal, this is just going to be a fun ride, besides, I was running late as well. I got to the park and everyone started showing up, something came down so it ended up just being the three of us, still planning on a fun easy ride.

The Route (Pictured Above)

The Route was a pretty fun ride, I lost count of how many other bicycles we ran into, but they were everywhere! All of the motorists were very aware and there weren’t any close calls when they passed us. As I was hoping the roads were fairly well-marked and it wasn’t that hard to make sure we were on the right ones. With the course sent to the Garmin it had an alert that popped up and said “Course Found” which was extremely helpful when one of the roads didn’t match what it was named online. After we had ridden 2 bike lengths past the intersection the Garmin told me that we were off course. I verified with my phone to make sure that the road we had just passed was the correct one since it was named differently. The difficulty wasn’t too bad either, there were a few big climbs capered to everything else, but the majority were long, sloping easy climbs. They threw off my perception a few times where I thought there was a long descent followed by a steep decent, I would gain speed on the way down only to realize that the next climb wasn’t as bad as I thought I saw from the top.

Screen-Shot-2014-05-14-at-10.36.02-PM-150x150 Speed / Elevation Screen-Shot-2014-05-14-at-10.36.25-PM-150x150 Heart Rate / Cadence

As we were coming up on the last few mile, I ended up out in front of the other two by a ways. I stopped to wait for them at the stop sign for our next turn as was the plan briefed at the beginning of the ride. After I had been there for between 5-10 min I checked my phone and saw I had a missed call and text. About a mile back one of my colleague’s pedal had actually fallen off her bike. I started back tracking and met up with them right as they finished securing it back on. From what I heard of the story, it fell of randomly and took them a while to find it while they walked up and down the stretch of road eventually finding it in the grass. Minor mechanical difficulties but everything was taken care of and we got back on our way. The last few miles were uneventful, not more difficulties and we managed to finish in right at 2:00 hours of moving time. As we were packing all the bikes back up, I was hit with this wave of hunger, at that moment I knew my mistake was not eating a good breakfast. I was so hungry that I was practically shaking, I went straight from there to the local Chipotle on the way home and had a post ride burrito. It was delicious!

The Garmin

I was really happy with the way the Garmin worked for me today, the Auto Pause stopped the timer when we had our rest stops and I didn’t have to worry about it at all. The pages I had set up were great especially with the scrolling speed. With the course sent to the Garmin one of the pages told me how far behind we were to the virtual pace that I set when I created the course on the internet. I chose it as a final goal to reach eventually but knew we couldn’t keep up with that on the first attempt. I set it at an Average 18 mph pace and we averaged right over 13 mph. The course also added a page that drew the route on the screen, which could have been very helpful! however, by the time it finished processing the route as it had to re-draw it every time the page came up, it was already switching to the next page. I’ll play with this feature a little more some other time.

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Knowing Yoga will Help me in Improving my Personal Life

How yoga builds self-esteem, awareness and more….

Yoga is a way to escape from everything and go into your own little world it will help you to forget all the things that are stressing you for a short while. Yoga will help make a positive change in your life. There are many things that yoga can help you with like depression, many medical problems etc. Yoga is an on going treatment you have to stay with it to get anything out of it. You cannot do it today and accelerate to get the full benefits out of it.

What are some of the things yoga will help me with?

Yoga can and will help you with many things. You have to get with it and do it in order to get the full benefits out of yoga however. Yoga can help with breathing, so if your not breathing right, yoga will teach you how to get in control of your breathing. Yoga will help you learn how to control your mind as well as your breathing, of you have asthma it can help, carpal tunnel, depression, lower back pain, multiple sclerosis, osteoarthritis of the knees, memory problems, heat disease, high blood pressure, will help you lose weight, will also help the elderly or someone that has balance trouble keep balance. So see it will help in many ways. This will make you feel a lot better inside and outside.

How would I learn how to do yoga?

You can go to your family doctor they should be able to tell you how you can get enrolled in a program. If they cant do nothing then you might want to try to go to your local library they may have some information on how to get enrolled as well, or you may want to go on line and see what you can find out. They have classes all over so you should be able to get enrolled but there are films and books to teach yourself as well.

Can yoga hurt me?

Yoga can hurt you if you don?t know what your doing or you do too much of it at once that is why you need to talk to your family doctor before you start anything new that is stressful to your body. You have to take these kinds of things slow it?s just like exercising you have to build yourself up. You can?t run right into it and expect full benefits from it. It does not work that way. It takes time and obligation before you will see any changes in your body or mind.

When learning to do yoga just take your time and be conscious to it learn all you can learn cause it will help you deal with many health issues. You may have just don?t try to do it all at once and make sure you call your family doctor to make sure it ok to do it. Then try to find a good group. Groups are always easier for some one that way you have some support to turn to if you have any problems. If you can?t afford gym payments, then try asking family and friends to join you. You can start your own home gym at home. At local dollar stores, you will find videos for one buck. Use the videos to gain skills in exercise and yoga.

Yoga is an interesting exercise, since it helps you to build muscles and reduce stress. Yoga will help you loose weight; feel better, and so on. Yoga gives you many options in improving your overall personal life.

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Find 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification & 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program

Divine Light- A yoga teacher training studio established by Nakul Kapur, a Registered Senior Yoga Teacher offers 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification, 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program, 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training,Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver program.

Divine Light you will experience the true essence of practicing yoga, where you will find a place of true alignment of body, mind and spirit through our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program. We help all our students to reach at zenith where he actually knows the way of leading life. We help our students to find the true happiness which is lying within themselves. One will surely find the difference after being trained by our experienced teachers.

Divine Light we actually shared with all the authentic yoga teachings which are beneficial for you for a longer term and helps you to achieve the inner conscience and implement it in daily life. Thus changing you to a totally different person. All this is possible through our Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver, where one feels very close to oneself by practicing yoga at our studio. We give you a right kind of environment to our students wherein they actually learn the asanas which helps them to keep fit physically and mentally.

Our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training helps you to achieve happiness, health, peace for personal and spiritual growth. We provide you the environment where you will feel free while doing yoga and will help you to explore yourself and make you a better person. Yoga gives u a sudden change in oneself through which people come to understand the true meaning of life and how to lead it for a better peaceful and calm living.

Following a yogic life will make you a totally different person with great thinking as per the life is concernd. One’s perspective towards life will totally change and he/she will have life with vibrant and balanced approach of living it. At Divine Light, through our Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver we teach yoga under trained teachers who actually show how the yoga styles vary from flowing, moving forms that demand certain strength levels, to long, slow processes of holding postures steady for periods of time. Through the practice of Yoga, you can develop internal defenses to protect the mind and body.

Now a days in busy scheduled no one gets time to do yoga regularly, as people are not aware of benefits of yoga, thus we try to tell them how yoga is beneficial for their daily lifestyle along with other necessities in one’s life and therefore we develop a feeling of practicing yoga regularly under our trained teachers in our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program.

Our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification includes various physical and breathing exercises which help to experience a better feeling within yourself and all this comes after joining our Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver. Our teachers make you follow a best sessions wherein they teach the students with right postures and meditations under proper guidance. Thus, we provide the best 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training and bring a smile at everyone’s face at the end of the sessions and make them feel more fresh and energetic.

For you at Divine Light, 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification will not only make you aware of the yoga but it is aspiring enough to go deeper in the practice, make you internally fit and healthy. We are staffed by trained scholars who understand how to teach yoga with a different perspective and make everyone feel special about oneself. We help you to gain the tools of yoga practices so that you can easily see the difference within oneself.

So what you are waiting for come and get enrolled yourself for our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program which will totally change your personality and way of living the life. One can easily mould themselves in this environment and get started with the wonderful yoga classes for everyone and let you overcome all the health and mental problems. For more information please visit our website:-

Divine Light- A yoga teacher training studio established by Nakul Kapur, a Registered Senior Yoga Teacher offers 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification ,200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program, 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver.

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According to Vedic Astrology Raj yoga is a yoga which offers the affluence of a raja to the native who has this yoga in birth chart. All of us want a happy life but contentment is not in everyones destiny in equal amount. Thehappiness and grief can be evaluated d by the positions of planets and yogas in your horoscope.The period Raj Yoga has two parts, Raj and Yoga. Raj yoga means, a yoga which offers happiness like a king has.RAJ YOGA

Raj yoga is not a very distinct yoga. Raj yoga is formed by the combination of auspicious planets in a horoscope. To see the planet according to the Ascendant it is compulsory to see the auspiciousness and inauspiciousness of planets, signification, in signification, prime signification of combining planets.Besides these the natural auspiciousness or inauspiciousness of planets should also be taken in to contemplation. As per the believe, in Raj yogathe dignified planets are situated in Kendra house, dignified Venus in the fate line, and relationships between navamsha and dashamsha is energetic.

Planets in weakened sign do not mean that they may give malefic result as the lord of the seventh house mayfeature the same house if a planet is placed in a weakened sign. The result of this development will also depend of the relationships of other planets.Raj yoga is not formed by any special planet in a horoscope but all planets are equally responsible for its creation. Vedic Astrology says that Moon in its various placements has anenormousinfluence upon the yoga. A weakened Moon can become a wall for a planet blend that gives positive results.

When the triangle or Kendra houses have the aspect of Venus or Jupiter then Raj yoga gives its full values, and one gets happiness which can be compared with the happiness of a king.Thus it is observed that there are a number of combinations of Raj Yoga with various degrees of results. It is not like that just the presence of this Yoga in the horoscope will make you like a king. There are many other positive and negative issues that can play a role in how the persons lifestyle will be.


If the lord of the Trikha house is in the Trikha house or is in the position of building combination or aspect any situation, avipreetrajyoga is formed. For example if the lord of the eighth house is placed in the byaya house or in the sixth house and if the lord of the sixth house is placed in the eighth house, if the lord of the byaya house is placed in the sixth or eighth house then the aspect combination of the lords of the trikha house or a good relationship between them is believed to be an brilliant yoga which gives huge joy and wealth to the native. The native is blessed with king sized happiness. Astrologers consider that inauspicious planets lose their malefic nature if they are in inauspicious house.


If a combination of the Ascendant with the lord of the Kendra or triangle house is placed in a horoscope, then this Raj yoga is formed. In the Kendra and triangle houses goddess Lakshmi is the embodiment of triangle and Lord Vishnu is the embodiment of the Kendra house. This yoga gives an amazing fortune to its native. This Raj yoga gives wealth, fame and prosperity to the native.


If a sign has weakened planet in a birth chart and its house has the lord of the sign in a dignified sign or its position is in Kendra from the ascendant house then in this circumstance this Raj Yoga is formed. As for example if a weakened Jupiter is in the Capricorn sign but there is an exalted Saturn as the lord of the Capricorn then it is broken and hence called Neechbhang Raj Yoga.


This Raj Yoga is commonly seen in female. If a woman has this Raj yoga in her horoscope, it means her husband will have a respected and rich person in the society. This yoga is formed during her birth time when the seventh house is occupied by auspicious planet, equally auspicious planet, planet related with auspicious planet or if any auspicious planet aspect the seventh.


Vedic Astrology says that an auspicious muhuratprovides maximum benefit of a work to a native. In Vedic astrology there are some yogas in which an already finished work has to be repeated by a native. Here are some Yogas and their influence on people are as follow.


This is a grouping of week days, lunar days and nakshatra in which a completed work has to be done again. Astrologers say that if a native does an auspicious work during this yoga then the native may have to do the auspicious work again. Likewise if the completed work was bad then the native may have to do the same once again. So the inauspicious work should be evaded in this yoga.

How does this yoga form? IfBhadratithi i.e. the 2nd, 7th or 12th lunar day falls on Sundays, Tuesdays or Saturdays and either of the Dwipadanakshatra like Mrigashira, Chitra or Ghanistha combines with the above specified situations then Dwipushkar yoga is formed

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