Find 300Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program


Divine Light gives you the 300Hour Yoga Teacher Training program under the stable environment. Anyone who is interested in learning ancient Indian system of Yoga and the various way of gaining the true knowledge of it, can come and join our 300Hour Advanced program. Learning yoga has been always beneficial and one can implement it in daily life to keep oneself fit and healthy. Now a days everyone prefer to get the 300Hour Yoga Training Certification, in order to have a knowledge of yoga and how it will be beneficial in day to day life.

One can easily approach divine light to get the 300Hour Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver, and one can understand the yoga practices under one roof with many people who will be the part of our Training program sessions. Our teaching standards have simplified the yoga practices among our students who join us every year. Our students get inspired by our teaching methods which refine their living style. We have intensive 300Hour programs scheduled as the types of classes for teaching yoga. We encourage our students to follow a yogic lifestyle and also made them to practice the trans formative arts of yoga and meditation.

The specialty of our program Course is that we help our students to explore the various yogic techniques and observing their effects on them which will be beneficial for a lifetime. Our course will include sessions on learning to facilitate Transformational Experiences and group work in order to have a balanced life. We provide etching with full concentration and with a high degree of personal integrity which helps the student to realise their lifes purpose. We at, Divine light help you to lead a life with a divine purpose, that is the reason for being in this world.

At Divine Light our 300Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course helps all the students to follow yoga thus refining and strengthening the practice of asanas. Learning yoga practices has always been great experience for all our students, they have not only learnt it but yoga has made their life simple and easy which helped them to gain spirituality to some extent. Therefore, our training courses gives you the inner strength and healthy life and also we guide you to follow a concise path to make your life stable and balanced.

We, at Divine Light make our students energetic enough to practice yoga and try to bring in trust and confidence within themselves from our 300Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training who all are looking for a peaceful and good life. Our guidance is always beneficial for every one falling under different ages. Our 300Hour Yoga Teacher Training program will incorporate yoga as an essential component, approaching towards wellness.

Here, at Divine Light our trainer follow Advanced Meditation Techniques, Yoga Nidra, Practice of Karma Yoga, etc. In order to let the students acquire the true essence of yoga. As having an aspiring Yoga teacher or a dedicated yoga practitioner, who deepens your practice of yoga and provides you the knowledge, understanding and experiences of principles of yoga through our 300Hour Yoga Certification. Therefore, we let our students to understand yoga power firstly, and then help them to make it a habit to follow the regime of yoga practices in their daily life.

At, Divine Light you will find the right kind of environment along with the experienced teacher during our 300Hour Advanced Training, in order to develop the practice of yoga in your day to day life. All our students will be under the trained teachers which will make you trained enough so that you will get the deep understanding of yoga, and also you will be awakened to your higher self thus intended to follow a yogic lifestyle.

Our teaching practices are strong to let you use all the basic tools to learn yoga and help you tosearch and achieve the true happiness lying within yourself. We ake easy for our students to learn yoga along with various activities included in our 300Hour program. We, at Divine Light guarantee with our experience of thousands students that you will surely find the right guidance to follow you inner conscience and implement the learning of yoga in your daily routine. For more information please visit our website:

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